Yew Char - A Most Remarkable Man

Yew Char Digging through the Honolulu newpapers on and family papers turns up hundreds of references to Grandpa Yew Char and his remarkable life. The accounts of his life in the early part of the last century, his travels, photography career, his unceasing work for the underpriviledged of Hawaii and humorous antics during his years in the Hawaii Territorial Legislature are all fascinating.

Below are recapped a few of the many interesting stories gleaned from those records, some over a century old.

yew char alger story
Yew Char, A Horatio Alger Story

yew char photographer
Yew Char, Photographer

Yew Char, Soldier

yew char legislator
Yew Char, Territorial Legislator

yew char elephant story
Yew Char, Of Elephants & Asses

yew char Travel Agent story
Yew Char, Travel Agent

yew char story teller
Yew Char, Story Teller

yew char bio
Yew Char, Beverly's Biography

yew char obituary
Yew Char Obituary

yew char philosophy
Yew Char's Philosophy