Char Resolution Rouses House


re-elect yew char


     Yew Char, fifth district Democrat,who never fails to have his say on every subject and on occasion does that several times, stubbed his legislative toes quite seriously at Monday's session and to such an extent that a demand that he apologize was made from the floor.

     The following resolution bearing his name, was read by Clerk Edward Woodward:

     "Whereas, the Republican party dominated the political situation continuously for many years in Hawaii; and

     "Whereas, the emblem of the said party is an elephant; and

     "Whereas, DAISY, the only elephant in Hawaii, having gone on a rampage and caused the death of its keeper; and

     "Whereas, because of the said rampage and death of its keeper the said DAISY has been shot and killed; and

     "Whereas, the great Republican party is now without an animal emblematic of the party; now, therefore, be it

     "Resolved, that the speaker of this house, appoint a committee consisting of the entire Democratic delegation to investigate and report to this house whether a Jack-Ass is a suitable animal to replace DAISY and serve as an emblem of the Republican party in Hawaii."




     Consternation seemed to hold the members



of the house in its grip, while Yew Char smiled.

     Chairman Wichman of the finance committee moved that the resolution be tabled.

     Ezra Crane, with apparent heat, declared that Yew Char's resolution was in "mighty poor taste," considering that a widow was now held in the grip of deep grief because of the tragedy that had resulted in the loss of her husband. He seconded Wichman's motion.

     Yew Char declared that it was a mistake, the offering of the resolution. He did not deny that it was his, but said that he had intended to ffer a different resolution. Later, in the day he offered a resolution out of respect to the late Senator Thomas J. Walsh of Montana.




     The offending resolution was tabled on a showing of hands.

     Shortly before adjournment, Francis K. Aona of West Hawaii moved that the house reconsider its action in regard to the resolution and demanded that Yew Char apologize for his action. This carried.

     "I make my political apology to the opposition party," Yew Char declared, still smiling.

     The resolution was withdrawn and all reference to it was expunged from the record.

     "I am sorry my fellow-members cannot take a harmless joke like that," Yew Char explained after the close of the day's session.



Honolulu Advertiser, Page 9, March 07, 1933.
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