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Yew Char Wants Artificial Island Made Off Seawall at Waikiki; Finds Obstacles(2)


     Additional beautification of the Waikiki beach by the construction of an atoll or artificial island off the "seawall" on the town side of Kapiolani park, was suggested in the house of representatives yesterday by Rep. Yew Char of the fifth district.

     He offered a concurrent resolution calling for the inclusion of an item of $1000 in the general appropriation bill for the survey, estimates and plans for such an atoll by the superintendent of public works.

     Several members objected.

     John H. Coney thought the idea good but said it had come too late.

     Clem Gomes declared that he "could not at all stand for an atoll."

     Harry T. Mills couldn't see how a mere human could build an atoll.

     "That's something only those little bugs they call corall insects can do," he explained.

     Seeing so much opposition, Yew Char asked leave to have the resolution returned to him. It was.

     "But watch me", he told the Fourth Estate after the session. "I'll get it in yet in another form."


Yew Char 1935 was a compassionate Democrat, introducing bills for the needy(3)


HB 29 -- To eliminate tuition in the public schools. -- Yew Char.

HB 31 -- Appropriating $5000 for purchase of text books for needy pupils attending public schools. -- Yew Char

HB 32 -- To permit the sale of food stuffs on Sunday -- Yew Char


1935 Employment Legislation(4)

     Against his protest, Yew Char's HR 15 was referred to the county committee, instead of being adopted "right of[f] the bat," as Char desired. The resolution reads:

     "Whereas, it is fitting and proper at this time to spread employment to as many as possible; therefore, be it

     "Resolved that no more than one member of a family be engaged as an employe[e] of this house during the present session of this legislature."


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