City Photography


YEW CHAR, well-known young Chinese businessman and photographer of Honolulu, has just completed a course in the Modern School of Photography of Chicago, and is expected to return here soon to join his brother in the City Photo Company. He is said to have made a fine record in his photographic studies.(1)



Yew, Char the Photographer

---formerly connected with the City Photo Company, is permanently located in his own studio now, at the corner of King and Nuuanu Streets, above the Pacific Drug Store, where will be glad to receive his old patrons and greet the new.

      Yew Char offers a unique service in the making of moving pictures in the home on such occasions as weddings, christening, anniversaries or any particularly memorable event, and at very moderate prices.

      The high standard of work that has earned for Yew Char the enviable reputation of being foremost in the art of portraiture is maintained and amplified in the new studio, equipped as it is with the finest and latest photographic devices and materials.(3)










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